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Welcome to the new & improved blog site!

Facebook and their analytic team are at it again, boo!

Maybe you’ve noticed; if you own a business page you definitely have. The team at FB, in their infinite knowledge, have done another ‘update’ to your page, your profile, and your news feed.

While I certainly don’t begrudge anyone the right to monetize, the lengths to which FB has gone- is getting crazy! Even if you don’t own or manage a business page, you’ve probably noticed that your news feed is different. Heck, most of the time a lot of the people you used to ‘follow’ aren’t showing up any more, as well as businesses, pages, and groups.

What the main goal seems to be is to garner ad revenue from businesses trying to push their visibility. While we used to enjoy the love on our page, and typically saw around 200-500 likes on an image, we are now lucky to achieve 10-20. Okay, so the views dropped, what’s the hubbub, bub?

Well, the problem is in cost. For a month of advertising, you ‘might’ gain additional views and likes, (they can’t guarantee the numbers will increase) but you’re spending 750.00 per month for the advertising (lowest investment they offer). Then it sort of turns into a type of pyramid scheme. More money to ‘help you improve’, and the costs just keep rising.

Anyhow, this is getting long and boring, right? Right.

So here’s my solution! I’m moving towards higher visibility through this blog, through Instagram, and still using Facebook, but not in the manner we’ve all gotten used to. I’ll still make posts to Facebook, but mostly a link to a blog lost or to Instagram.

There’s also been issues with images being stolen through Facebook, and to seek a reparation is next to impossible and requires hours of work.

So I’ll be making more posts here, and will be posting at least once a week. Almost all peeks will be here, and while I am still trying to learn the formatting, I hope to be able to categorize peeks, posts, and other things.

You can subscribe to the blog, too! You’ll get an e-mail when a new blog post pops up, that takes you to the post. It’s certainly not required, but at least you’ll be more aware when something new appears, and have the option to see it.

So off we go!


If you want to see someone break down the Facebook insanity for you, far better than I, here’s a link!

This one does a really great job explaining what most of us are finding out the hard way:

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